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Megan's Counterpane/Coverlet Square

by Megan Mills

Click here for PDF of Knitting Chart

Click here for blocking instructions

Free Knitted/Knitting Coverlet/Counterpane Square Pattern
This is four of the squares joined together. After being blocked the new combined square measures approximately 35.5cm (14 inches) across.

This is a closer view of a single square. When blocked it measures approximately 18cm (7 inches) across. It was worked with Elena #10 crochet cotton on 1.5mm needles.


K knit
P purl
T K2 together
P2T P2 together
S Slip
S1K Slip 1 knitwise
S1P Slip 1 purlwise
PSSO Pass the slipped stitch over
SSK S1 knitwise, S1 purlwise, insert the left needle tip through the just-slipped stitches and knit them together
CD S2 together knitwise, K1, pass the 2 slipped stitches over ( a centred double decrease)
DD S1, T, PSSO (a left-leaning double decrease)
M1L Make 1 loop around the right needle using your thumb so the working thread leads out from behind
M1R Make 1 loop around the right needle using your finger so the working thread leads out from in front
O Yarn Over (a lace increase)
x times
B Bobble made all in one stitch:
(O, K1) 3 x, turn
S1 purlwise, P5, turn,
S1 knitwise, K5, turn,
S1 purlwise, P5, turn,
S1 knitwise, K5, turn,
(P2T) 3 x, turn,
S1 knitwise, T, PSSO

The following instructions are complete in themselves but I have divided the rows up so that they correspond to the Charts just in case you would like to use both together.

Chart A: Cast on 2. Even-numbered rows are the right side.

Row 1      P2
Row 2      S1K, M1R, K1
Row 3      S1P, K1, P1
Row 4      S1K, M1R, K1, M1L, K1
Row 5      S1P, K3, P1

Chart B

Row 6      S1K, K1, M1R, K1, M1L, K2
Row 7      S1P, K5, P1
Row 8      S1K, K1, M1R, K1, O, K1, O, K1, M1L, K2
Row 9      S1P, K3, P3, K3, P1
Row 10     S1K, K1, M1R, K3, O, K1, O, K3, M1L, K2
Row 11     S1P, K4, P5, K4, P1
Row 12     S1K, K1, M1R, K5, O, K1, O, K5, M1L, K2
Row 13     S1P, K5, P7, K5, P1
Row 14     S1K, K1, M1R, K7, O, K1, O, K7, M1L, K2
Row 15     S1P, K6, P9, K6, P1
Row 16     S1K, K1, M1R, K9, O, K1, O, K9, M1L, K2
Row 17     S1P, K7, P11, K7, P1
Row 18     S1K, K1, M1R, K11, O, K1, O, K11, M1L, K2
Row 19     S1P, K8, P13, K8, P1
Row 20     S1K, K1, M1R, K13, O, K1, O, K13, M1L, K2
Row 21     S1P, K9, P15, K9, P1
Row 22     S1K, K1, M1R, K15, O, K1, O, K15, M1L, K2
Row 23     S1P, K10, P17, K10, P1
Row 24     S1K, K1, M1R, K9, SSK, K13, T, K9, M1L, K2
Row 25     S1P, K12, P13, K12, P1
Row 26     S1K, K1, M1R, K10, SSK, K11, T, K10, M1L, K2
Row 27     S1P, K13, P11, K13, P1
Row 28     S1K, K1, M1R, K11, SSK, K9, T, K11, M1L, K2
Row 29     S1P, K14, P9, K14, P1
Row 30     S1K, K1, M1R, K12, SSK, K7, T, K12, M1L, K2
Row 31     S1P, K15, P7, K15, P1
Row 32     S1K, K1, M1R, K13, SSK, K5, T, K13, M1L, K2
Row 33     S1P, K16, P5, K16, P1
Row 34     S1K, K1, M1R, K14, SSK, K3, T, K14, M1L, K2
Row 35     S1P, K17, P3, K17, P1
Row 36     S1K, K1, M1R, K15, SSK, K1, T, K15, M1L, K2
Row 37     S1P, K18, P1, K18, P1
Row 38     S1K, K1, M1R, K16, DD, K16, M1L, K2
Row 39     S1P, K37, P1
Row 40     S1K, K1, M1R, K35, M1L, K2
Row 41     S1P, K39, P1
Row 42     S1K, K1, M1R, K37, M1L, K2
Row 43     S1P, P42
Row 44     S1K, K1, M1R, K39, M1L, K2
Row 45     S1P, P44
Row 46     S1K, K1, M1R, K41, M1L, K2
Row 47     S1P, K45, P1
Row 48     S1K, K1, M1R, K43, M1L, K2
Row 49     S1P, K47, P1
Row 50     S1K, K1, M1R, K1, (O, T) 22 x, M1L, K2
Row 51     S1P, K49, P1
Row 52     S1K, K1, M1R, K47, M1L, K2
Row 53     S1P, K1, P49, K1, P1
Row 54     S1K, K1, M1R, K49, M1L, K2
Row 55     S1P, (K5, P1) 9 x
Row 56     S1K, K1, M1R, K1, SSK, K1, O, K1, (O, K1, CD, K1, O, K1) 7 x, O, K1, T, K1, M1L, K2
Row 57     S1P, K1, (K5, P1) 8 x, K6, P1
Row 58     S1K, K1, M1R, (O, K1, CD, K1, O, K1) 8 x , O, K1, CD, K1, O, M1L, K2
Row 59     S1P, K1, P1, (K5, P1) 9 x, K1, P1
Row 60     S1K, K1, M1R, K1, (O, K1, CD, K1, O, K1) 9 x , M1L, K2
Row 61     S1P, K2, P1, (K5, P1) 9 x, K2, P1
Row 62     S1K, K1, M1R, K57, M1L, K2
Row 63     S1P, K1, P59, K1, P1
Row 64     S1K, K1, M1R, K59, M1L, K2
Row 65     S1P, K63, P1
Row 66     S1K, K1, M1R, K61, M1L, K2
Row 67     S1P, K65, P1
Row 68     S1K, K1, M1R, K63, M1L, K2
Row 69     S1P, K67, P1
Row 70     S1K, K1, M1R, K65, M1L, K2
Row 71     S1P, K1, P67, K1, P1
Row 72     S1K, K1, M1R, K67, M1L, K2   
Row 73     S1P, K1, P69, K1, P1
Row 74     S1K, K1, M1R, K1, (B, K4) 13 x, B, K2, M1L, K2

Chart C

Row 75     S1P, K1, P71, K1, P1
Row 76     S1K, K1, M1R, K71, M1L, K2
Row 77     S1P, K75, P1
Row 78     S1K, K1, M1R, K73, M1L, K2
Row 79     S1P, K77, P1
Row 80     S1K, K1, M1R, K75, M1L, K2
Row 81     S1P, K79, P1
Row 82     S1K, K1, M1R, K77, M1L, K2
Row 83     S1P, K1, P79, K1, P1
Row 84     S1K, K1, M1R, K79, M1L, K2
Row 85     S1P, K1, P81, K1, P1
Row 86     S1K, K1, M1R, K81, M1L, K2
Row 87     S1P, K1, P83, K1, P1
Row 88     S1K, K2, O, (K1 O, SSK, K5, T, O) 8 x, K1, O, K3
Row 89     S1P, K1, P85, K1, P1
Row 90     S1K, K2, O, K3, (O, SSK, K3, T, O, K3) 8 x, O, K3
Row 91     S1P, K1, P87, K1, P1
Row 92     S1K, K2, (O, K5, O, SSK, K1, T) 8 x, O, K5, O, K3
Row 93     S1P, K1, P89, K1, P1
Row 94     S1K, K2, (O, K7, O, DD) 8 x, O, K7, O, K3
Row 95     S1P, K1, P91, K1, P1
Row 96     S1K, T, (O, SSK, K5, T, O, K1) 8 x, O, SSK, K5, T, O, SSK, K1
Row 97     S1P, K1, P89, K1, P1
Row 98     S1K, T, (O, SSK, K3, T, O, K3) 8 x, O, SSK, K3, T, O, SSK, K1
Row 99     S1P, K1, P87, K1, P1
Row 100    S1K, T, (O, SSK, K1, T, O, K5) 8 x, O, SSK, K1, T, O, SSK, K1
Row 101    S1P, K1, P85, K1, P1
Row 102    S1K, T, (O, DD, O, K7) 8 x, O, DD, O, SSK, K1
Row 103    S1P, K1, P83, K1, P1
Row 104    S1K, T, K81, SSK, K1
Row 105    S1P, K1, P81, K1, P1
Row 106    S1K, T, K79, SSK, K1
Row 107    S1P, K1, P79, K1, P1
Row 108    S1K, T, K77, SSK, K1
Row 109    S1P, K79, P1
Row 110    S1K, T, K75, SSK, K1
Row 111    S1P, K77, P1
Row 112    S1K, T, K73, SSK, K1
Row 113    S1P, K75, P1
Row 114    S1K, T, K71, SSK, K1
Row 115    S1P, K1, P71 , K1, P1
Row 116    S1K, T, K69, SSK, K1
Row 117    S1P, K1, P69, K1, P1

Chart D

Row 118    S1K, T, K1, (B, K4) 13 x, B, SSK, K1
Row 119    S1P, K1, P67, K1, P1
Row 120    S1K, T, K65, SSK, K1
Row 121    S1P, K67, P1
Row 122    S1K, T, K63, SSK, K1
Row 123    S1P, K65, P1
Row 124    S1K, T, K61, SSK, K1
Row 125    S1P, K63, P1
Row 126    S1K, T, K59, SSK, K1
Row 127    S1P, K1, P59, K1, P1
Row 128    S1K, T, K57, SSK, K1
Row 129    S1P, K2, (P1, K5) 9 x, P1, K2, P1
Row 130    S1K, T, (K1, O, K1, CD, K1, O) 9 x, K1, SSK, K1
Row 131    S1P, K1, (P1, K5) 9 x, P1, K1, P1
Row 132    S1K, T, (O, K1, CD, K1, O, K1) 8 x, O, K1, CD, K1, O, SSK, K1
Row 133    S1P, K1, (K5, P1) 8 x, K6, P1
Row 134    S1K, K2, CD, K1, O, (K1, O, K1, CD, K1, O) 7 x, K1, O, K1, CD, K3
Row 135    S1P, (K5, P1) 8 x, K5, P1
Row 136    S1K, T, K49, SSK, K1
Row 137    S1P, K1, P49, K1, P1
Row 138    S1K, T, K47, SSK, K1
Row 139    S1P, K49, P1
Row 140    S1K, T, K1, (O, T) 22 x, SSK, k1
Row 141    S1P, K47, P1
Row 142    S1K, T, K43, SSK, K1
Row 143    S1P, K45, P1
Row 144    S1K, T, K41, SSK, K1
Row 145    S1P, K1, P41, K1, P1
Row 146    S1K, T, K39, SSK, K1
Row 147    S1P, K1, P39, K1, P1
Row 148    S1K, T, K37, SSK, K1
Row 149    S1P, K39, P1
Row 150    S1K, T, K35, SSK, K1
Row 151    S1P, K37, P1
Row 152    S1K, T, K33, SSK, K1
Row 153    S1P, K35, P1
Row 154    S1K, T, K31, SSK, K1
Row 155    S1P, K33, P1
Row 156    S1K, T, K14, B, K14, SSK, K1
Row 157    S1P, K31, P1
Row 158    S1K, T, K27, SSK, K1
Row 159    S1P, K29, P1
Row 160    S1K, T, K25, SSK, K1
Row 161    S1P, K27, P1
Row 162    S1K, T, K8, B, K5, B, K8, SSK, K1
Row 163    S1P, K25, P1
Row 164    S1K, T, K21, SSK, K1
Row 165    S1P, K23, P1
Row 166    S1K, T, K19, SSK, K1
Row 167    S1P, K21, P1
Row 168    S1K, T, K2, B, K11, B, K2, SSK, K1
Row 169    S1P, K19, P1
Row 170    S1K, T, K15, SSK, K1
Row 171    S1P, K17, P1
Row 172    S1K, T, K13, SSK, K1
Row 173    S1P, K15, P1
Row 174    S1K, T, K2, B, K5, B, K2, SSK, K1
Row 175    S1P, K13, P1
Row 176    S1K, T, K9, SSK, K1
Row 177    S1P, K11, P1
Row 178    S1K, T, K7, SSK, K1
Row 179    S1P, K9, P1
Row 180    S1K, T, K2, B, K2, SSK, K1
Row 181    S1P, K7, P1
Row 182    S1K, T, K3, SSK, K1

Chart E

Row 183    S1P, K5, P1
Row 184    S1K, T, K1, SSK, K1
Row 185    S1P, K3, P1
Row 186    S1K, CD, K1
Row 187    S1P, P2T
Fasten off by drawing the tail through the last 2 stitches.

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